About Company

Company is wholly owned by the Board of Directors mentioned in the company, namely its Managing Director and the 3 main Directors. Its management is run by experienced professionals in their various parameters, very experienced in the business sector locally and internationally well-equipped to compete with other players.

Our company fully operates in the field of planting, until the extraction of its base oil. We have to date planted about 30,000 tress in the Southern region of Negeri Sembilan and Johor. We have a pending project of about 59,000 seedlings to be planted in the near future.

We have the expertise in the field of land clearance, water sources for the seedlings, supply of organic fertilizer, trimming of branches, inoculation and extraction of oil.



  • To develop the Agarwood as the third commodity of Malaysia.
  • To make it a National Heritage
  • To manufacture products based on Agarwood / Gaharu that will be of great help in the treatment of major illnesses and very good antiseptic to treat wounds .
  • To guide the younger generation to thrive in the field of Gaharu thus making Malaysia as one of the fore-front entities in the production of Agarwood in the world.
  • To form greater co-operation with local and international partners in the enhancement of expert of Agarwood to the entire world.
  • To establish centers in study of Agarwood thus developing this industry as a source of reference and information for the industry.




    • Mdm.G.Sulochana Gouriah
      Managing Director

      • Subetra Nadarajan
        Director 1
      • Arunn Nadarajan
        Director 2
      • Kallpana Nadarajan
        Director 3
        Showroom /Wellness